Elastic alphabets®

Have fun in learning

Elastic Alphabets®

  • Educator recommended alphabet learning game
  • 750+ animations
  • Hand drawn illustrations

Introduce your kid to English alphabet with award winning game Elastic Alphabets. Come on-board with Gigi on this wonderful journey of learning Elastic Alphabets®. Play and have fun with Gigi, see Gigi in different actions every time you tap on alphabet or word.

Elastic Alphabets® is a comprehensive alphabet-teaching app for kids with animations, sounds and visuals. Elastic Alphabets® is conceptualized on amazing simple line drawings and illustrations. Learning English alphabet becomes more fun with Gigi.

About Elastic Alphabets®

The app aims to teach kids recognition of alphabets by creating them utilizing different shapes and styles, while also teaching the phonics and three words associated with each letter.

We use words starting with Short Vowel sounds throughout game as they are much more consistent in their spellings makes them the perfect place to start.

Each and every animation is clean and precise and educator / teacher recommended hand made pencil drawings. When we tested the application with kids, kids were immersed with entertaining and funny sounds of those animations.

  • 750+ animations of letters and associated words
  • Words with short vowels , perfect for early learning
  • Engaging correlation between alphabets and words
  • Support for both uppercase and lowercase alphabets
  • Control background music and audio
  • Short vowel phonics and words
  • Kid friendly character Gigi

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